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Through more than 45 years of ministry, I have seen God do incredible things and lead me to minister personally and specifically through prophecy, healing and spiritual encouragement. It has been remarkable to see how God ministers so specifically to each of His children according to their specific need, nature and situation.


I have been so honored to walk this journey of faith together with my brothers and sisters in Christ and to have been a witness to the miraculous ways of our loving Father.


Dada, a pastor in Zillisheim in Alsace France from his leaders:

"The word over our pastor was a confirmation to all of us. We thought "maybe" our pastor had another call than pastor. We can better support him now to see him do the work he is called to do"

Ali, an elder at Roubaix, North of France

"My life was changed by the word I got from Roy. I found the joy of serving the Lord and the power to fully engage in the ministry again."

Antoine, responsible for a mini-network of 12 churches in North France and Belgium and pastor:

"Fire, he brought fire to us. Coming off a major operation it was a major encouragement to receive a personal word. VERY encouraging. Most of our leaders in our network also got words and I can attest to the truth of what was said. Everyone was able to enter into a blessing from the Lord if they got a word or not".

Daniel, president AoG of France, pastor in Lille:

"What Roy prophesied over me... well the Lord spoke the same thing to me two months ago and my wife is the only person in this world that knew about this. Thank you Lord for this exceptionally precise and powerful confirmation"

John, organisator of the ministry time:

"Numerous healings have been confirmed. A real spiritual freshness  came out of Roy and Nancy's ministry. Many were touched by the prophetic word and the annointing that the Ralph's carried. They stayed with us and it was a great pleasure to have these beloved of the Lord in our house"

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